Project Start: Be Sceptical and Make Miracles!

We met around a large table in Frauenau in November 2018 for our first partner meeting: Heinz Fischer, Sarah Höchstetter, Heidi Wolf and Mark Angus from Bild-Werk, Katharina Eisch-Angus and Lisa Eidenhammer from the University of Graz, and on Skype Troels Degn Johanson from Bornholm. Jaroslav Polanecky came to us from Ústí nad Labem in northern Bohemia. Although his university was ultimately unable to enter into an official partnership in the Glass Works project with its art and design department, Jaroslav has stayed with us as a Czech advisor and networker. As the complex project gradually took shape and reality, he coined the motto that still rings in our ears today: „Be sceptical and make miracles!“