Creating Glass Lives


10 trainees - 6 months - 3 countries

The heart of Glass Works is a training program for students and graduates in the glass and design sectors. In the winter months 2019/20 to 2021/22, ten glass workers from Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic will take part in the six-month start-up training. They work in the workshops and studios of Bild-Werk Frauenau in Eastern Bavaria, complete marketing courses on Bornholm, Denmark, and undertake internships in Czech glass factories.

Practical Training in Bild-Werk Frauenau

During the practical training in Frauenau, qualified tutors and glass craftsmen/technicians support experimentally and innovatively the participants in further developing their technical and artistic skills.

"Sharing the workshops is above all what moves you forward in your work. If you are working alone in the workshop, you often get to a dead end. The exchange with other participants is enormously helpful."

K., participant 2020/21

Marketing courses on Bornholm

The courses at the School of Design, Architecture and Conservation on Bornholm offer the necessary know-how for the contemporary marketing of niche products designed to enable the trainees to set up a business and establish international exchange and business relationships.

"Since a lot of the speakers were young professionals, we could easily relate to each other. And discuss straight away some really practical issues that young professionals are experiencing. And I think this course is very unique."

S., participant 2020/21

Internships in Czech glass factories

During internships in Czech glass factories, the trainees gain insights into current design, manufacturing and marketing processes of high-quality glass products.