What happened so far

April 2022
Top in Europe: The Coburg Glass Prize

The third training phase was completed on April 9th ​​with a highlight, the joint participation in the award ceremony for the "Coburg European Glass Prize". Read more

April 2022
Concluding the Training: The Start-up Workshop

Each training phase ended with an online start-up workshop. Due to Covid and of necessity this took place in a much-reduced form. The management team as well as representatives from the tutors and trainees participated.

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March 2022
Trainees Present: Open Studio

It was very interesting to see and experience how the project ideas have developed over the past six months, and with what aplomb the protagonists presented their portfolios to the public.

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January 2020 – July 2022
From the Czech Republic to the World: the Industrial Internships

The North Bohemian glass region in and around Novy Bor is a shining example and model of successful regional development in the field of glass. There is a wide range of synergies in glass crafts, design and art, and a great diversity of business and marketing models, which are primarily based on active regional and international co-operation.

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October 2021 - April 2022
The Third Training Phase

Each training phase has its own dynamic in its structure, and can develop and build on the experiences of the previous training phases. Each trainees’ group has its own character, which is formed from the dialogue between the selected trainees, with their individual profiles and projects on the one hand, and the changing tutors on the other.  

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Summer 2021 - 2022 - ...
Frauenau as a Hub for the Future of Glass

In Frauenau, our goal is to continue assisting young artists to become fit for self-employment. In addition, we want to build a new institutional infrastructure for collaborative work with glass, as well as for networking and marketing of glass makers.

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May - August 2022
Glass Works goes South-East: The Stoelze Glass-Center Bärnbach

The old glassworks in Bärnbach in Styria is a household name in the glass world thanks to the Styrian state exhibition "Glass & Coal" in 1988. Today, Slovenian glassmakers work there on high-end glass goblets, and Bärnbach masters produce colorful handicraft souvenirs.

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April 2022
Glass Works goes Industry: The Styrian Chamber of Commerce

In the spring of 2022, our glass-historical exhibition returned to where it was created in 2018 - 2020: to Styria in Austria, which is portrayed as one of five glass landscapes in the exhibition. Styria and glass?

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January 2022
Cross-border Cultural Heritage Glass – What Next?

That was the name of a well-attended event at the Munich Chamber of Crafts on January 10, 2022, despite Covid restrictions. The occasion was our touring exhibition “Glass Works. European Glass Lives in Craft, Art and Industry”, which stopped there over the Christmas and New Year period.

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July 2021
Exhibition and Workshop at Coburg

The exhibition European Glass Lives in Craft, Art and Industry opened as planned on April 30 in the rooms of Veste Coburg.

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April 2021
Start-up Workshop and Plenary Meeting: Into the Future!

The startup-workshop on March 27 put it all in a nutshell: All trainees presented their achievements during the training period, and received external and internal expert critique with view of realising their career ideas and future development.

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October 2020 - April 2021
The Second Training Phase

Our second training phase was able to build on the first and learn from it. Of course, there were differences, because the trainees bring with them very different cultures and backgrounds.

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Autumn 2020
The Trainees on Their Way

Whether a designer, artisan or artist, self-employed or employed. The ten trainees all had different plans for the future. After having accompanied them intensively for six months and got to know them personally, it is exciting to see how they use this unique opportunity for them in very different ways.

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July 2020
European Glass Lives in Craft, Art and Industry - Exhibition Opening on Bornholm

Actually, the exhibition was supposed to wander through different European glass regions, just like the glassmakers portrayed in it. Actually ... because Corona has also messed up our project plans.

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October 2019 - March 2020
Start-up! Immersion in the World of Glass Makers

Some trainees had already engaged with the world a lot, and had gained experience, others were just at the beginning of their careers. However, they all learned something from the various excursions and activities during the training.

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October 2019
Start of the First Training Phase

In October 2019 it finally started: the first of three training phases with ten trainees from Germany, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. The first time. There is always something special when theory is matched against practice.

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July 2019
Excursion to Meisenthal – An Inspiring Story

The story of the Meisenthal glassworks in Lorraine is a story of encouragement for the Bavarian Forest and for Glass Works! That is why a small delegation set out in summer 2019 to find out more on the spot.

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May / June 2019
Creating Glass Lives. Conference and Workshop on the Future in Glass

“Creating Glass Lives” was the headline of our conference and workshop on the future of glass from May 31st to June 1st, 2019.

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Spring 2019 - March 2020
On the Trail of Border Crossers: Researching the Traveling Exhibition

The glass painter and glazier Conradus Glaser, who was born in the Bohemian Forest, travelled to work at the construction sites of large structures in today‘s Czech Republic, Germany and Poland in the 14th century.

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February 2019
Excursion to Nový Bor

We got to know how glass miracles are achieved in the Czech Republic at our second plenary meeting in February 2019 in Nový Bor.

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October 2018
Project Start: Be Sceptical and Make Miracles!

We met around a large table in Frauenau in November 2018 for our first partner meeting.

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Our Way to Glass Works

The closure and decline of most of the East Bavarian glassworks from 2006 on the one hand, the departure of young, well-trained glass students on the other: We did not want to accept these developments impotently. After all, the history of glass - as staged in the Frauenau Glass Museum - illustrates how innovatively glassmakers in Europe have always reacted to the ups and downs of the economy and culture!

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