The Third Training Phase

Each training phase has its own dynamic in its structure, and can develop and build on the experiences of the previous training phases. Each trainees’ group has its own character, which is formed from the dialogue between the selected trainees, with their individual profiles and projects on the one hand, and the changing tutors on the other. Learning from each other at eye level, in the interaction of craftsmanship, art and design is a key point of the training phases.

It was very pleasing that at the start of our third training phase, the number of applications had more than doubled compared to the previous time. When selecting the trainees this time more attention was paid to the technical basics. As a result, there were four trained glassblowers from three countries in the group!

Another novelty was the tutoring. Kit Paulson, a glass artist from the USA, supervised the project on site in Frauenau. Whilst B. Jane Cowie, glass artist and project manager from Singapore, was regularly connected to the group via the web, and was also available to the trainees individually as required. Both tutors were no strangers to Bild-Werk due to their work as summer academy teachers in previous years. In addition to the broad quality of their artistic content, they were also very valuable for the trainees because of their professional market presence in the digital age.

The trainees particularly benefited from the wider intercontinental contacts of the two tutors. The training was again accompanied by online lectures and discussions with successful players in the international glass scene.

The marketing courses could again take place as planned on the glass island of Bornholm. As a result, the trainees not only brought new “business skills” back to Frauenau, but also exciting insights into a region that offers studios and companies, especially of artisans, a structural base.