Glass Works Goes South-East: The Stoelze Glass-Center Bärnbach

The old glassworks in Bärnbach in Styria is a household name in the glass world thanks to the Styrian state exhibition “Glass & Coal” in 1988. Today, Slovenian glassmakers work there on high-end glass goblets, and Bärnbach masters produce colorful handicraft souvenirs. Stoelzle will continue to expand manual production with solar energy creating the melt. Next door, in the striking Kada glass museum building, the lovingly tended glass museum maintains lively exchanges with Croatia. School classes and groups are introduced to the glass with great commitment. The Glass Works exhibition with its didactic tour through the cross-border history of glass making (with digitally prepared exhibition materials) fits right in here: This is how the diverse guests at the vernissage on May 19 experienced it.

The exhibition can be seen here, in the Stoelzle Glass Center with its active operator KommR Ing. Martin Hittaller, until August 19, 2022. From there it moves onto its last location in the Frauenau Glass Museum.