From the Czech Republic to the World: The Industrial Internships

The North Bohemian glass region in and around Novy Bor is a shining example and model of successful regional development in the field of glass. There is a wide range of synergies in glass crafts, design and art, and a great diversity of business and marketing models, which are primarily based on active regional and international co-operation.
The opportunity to immerse themselves in this scene as part of an internship was of great importance to the trainees. The heterogeneous range of hosts is too large to go into detail here, ranging from specialists in every glass craft area, to design-based classic glassworks, to micro-enterprises of the studio glass type.
This year there were no longer any Covid-related obstacles to starting the industrial internships, and even most of the internships from the first training phases that were prevented due to the pandemic could finally be realised during this time. Some of the trainees were no longer dependent on the support of the organisation team in this regard and expanded their choice of internship to our network in Denmark, Austria and Italy, a development that made us very happy!