Glass regions

Focus: Industry 4.0

State-of-the-art, fully automatic machines produce packaging glass non-stop.   The industrialization process in western Styria began with the construction of glass factories in coal mining areas. Coal as a new energy potential in the 19th century, the invention of the Siemens regenerative furnace in 1856 and the railway connection created ideal conditions for the glass …

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In Danish glass factories the combination of technical know-how and artistic ingenuity resulted in artistically made glass for everyday use. The first Danish glass factory was built in 1825 in the middle of a moor area, peat being used to heat the melting furnaces. Green bottles were first made with the help of Norwegian glassmakers, …

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Czech Republic

To this day, Bohemia is the beating heart of European glass culture. The Bohemian glass industry has been providing innovative impulses for 800 years. Since the Middle Ages, the abundance of forests and raw materials and the central traffic situation in Bohemia favored the settlement of glassworks. For urban societies, the church and the Prague …

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