Concluding the Training: The Start-up Workshop

Each training phase ended with an online start-up workshop. Due to Covid and of necessity this took place in a much-reduced form. The management team as well as representatives from the tutors and trainees participated. The learning processes of the trainees were discussed, and strategies for the future path of both trainees and our project in general developed. The discussion was assisted by reports of the trainees’ experiences in all parts of our training program, and information about their planning for the next steps into professional life were shared.

It was shown from all sides that we can offer trainees a very necessary and meaningful in-depth training, even with restrictions in place, and the success of our three rounds has already shown that our concept professionally prepares young emerging artists for careers in glass, where they can take root into the regional glass scenes, and continue the exciting culture of glass. This is the tip of the iceberg. The trainees Glass Works time does not finish, it goes on after they leave us. The outcomes are not a few pieces of glass, but the ideas and inspiration gained, combined with the networks created and business models studied. The trainees also learnt to take more risks, to try daring positions and explore alternatives, even crazy directions and to have courage, for example, to knock on doors requesting exhibition possibilities.

Interesting conclusions could be reached, perhaps too many for this brief report. But for example, we were surprised that from the trainees side an emphasis on quality craftsmanship was very much approved of. This matches our own observations, and although artistic goals will always play a part, the groundwork for a life time in glass must be based on good technical mastery.

We concluded with great pride in the quality of our trainees, and the wish to continue our relationship for years to come. We watch them develop with joy.