Exkursion to Coburg: Exhibition and Workshop

The exhibition European Glass Lives in Craft, Art and Industry opened as planned on April 30 in the rooms of Veste Coburg. The presentation fit very well into a series of exhibitions in the so-called “LABORATORY”, in which young glass-makers were given a platform to build a bridge to today’s glass world in the rather historical context of the collection.

At the invitation of the museum director, Dr. Sven Hauschke, trainees from the first two training phases and the Glass-Works team met on site. Dr. Hauschke welcomed the visitors and guided them through the collection of the Veste. Lisa Eidenhammer, who developed the concept of the exhibition, was the contact person for the trainees in the special exhibition.

Particularly interesting during these discussions was the art historian’s view of the project content and the results of the trainees in the context of the historical environment. Dr Hauschke is also a member of the board of trustees of Bild-Werk Frauenau.

Afterwards, Dr. Hauschke guided the group through the collection and a special exhibition in the “European Museum for Modern Glass” in Rödenthal, and explained the museum’s educational concepts and collection activities. The explanations and dialogues about art with the material glass were an inspiring conclusion to the excursion to Coburg for the participants, especially for the trainees.