Conradus Glaser

Glass painter, glassmaker, glass master, Vitreator * in Neuern in the Bohemian Forest (Nýrsko, CZ), + approx. 1390 in Prague

Originally from Neuern in the Bohemian Forest, Conradus Glaser was granted citizenship in Prague in 1348, where he worked as a Vitreator (Glaser) on the major building projects of Charles IV. Conradus Glaser set off from Prague to the church building sites, for example to Brno (Brno, CZ). In 1363 he took part in the construction of the Sebalduskirche in Nuremberg, and in 1369 he was registered as a citizen in Klattau (Klatovy, CZ). In 1374 he appears in the Breslau city books as a glassmaker and painter. There he worked in Silesian cities and glassworks in the area. The glass painters of that time made their colored glasses themselves in the surrounding glassworks. After Conradus Glaser’s death, his son and grandson continued to run the workshop and traveled through Europe by horse and cart. Medieval glaziers and glass masters acted as bridges between town and country and between the countries of Europe.

According to research by Dr. Jitka Lňeničková