Beginning of the First Training Phase

In October 2019 it finally started: the first of three training phases with ten trainees from Germany, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. The first time. There is always something special when theory is matched against practice. A feeling like the first jump from a three-meter board into ice-cold water!

The concepts and objectives that have been developed over the years are one thing. The other things are the different expectations and hopes of the organizers, of the tutors Anna Mlasowsky and Franz X. Höller and finally of the trainees with their different concepts, cultural backgrounds and dreams.

No more school, college or university with their all-inclusive education programs tailored to everyone. No course at the Bild-Werk Academy, for which the content is already outlined in the course description. No! Independent work on the individual profile is now required; with technical support, if necessary, in all glass workshops, with enough time, and accompanied by experienced professionals.

A lot is at stake: the individual professional future and the future of the glass regions in Europe! You can be nervous or irritable from time to time, – you may even have to be.

The results of this very intensive training phase are impressive, both in terms of the practical implementation of the project ideas and in terms of the answers to the questions asked at the beginning of the project:

What can I do? What do I want? And how do I get there?