Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall GmbH

About us

Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall is part of the Gerhard Bürger Foundation. We are one of the last manufactures in germany and produce glass in any amount and size for our customers.

What we offer

You are an glass expert? Rent our studio and work on your own!
You can work with glass but need assistance? Our experienced glassmakers help you to get the results you want!
You are a designer but can’t work with glass yourself? We realize your drafts. You can join our production and see your glass “growing”.

We offer:
– 250kg studio glass
– Fusing kiln with 1x2m
– Colours by Farbglashütte Reichenbach

We are experienced in cast glass.


Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall
Im Freien Felde 5
38895 Derenburg


Contact person
Volker Putzmann