Municipal Museum in Zelezny Brod

About us

We are a museum that focuses mainly on art glass. The history of our museum is almost a hundred years. Art glass has its origins in Železný Brod, a small town in the north of the Czech Republic. The artists Libenský, Brychtová, for example, worked here. Our museum exhibits a collection of their extensive glass sculptures. We have many interesting exhibits in our collections. Currently, the museum is undergoing extensive reconstruction. We will be opening on March 1, 2024. The goal of the new museum will be to make the museum accessible to a large number of visitors. Our museum team wants to expand relationships with foreign glassmakers and experts. We are cooperating with the High School of Art and Glass, co-organizing a glass symposium and regularly enriching our art glass collection with new exhibits.

What we offer

We are primarily looking for glass artists who would be interested in participating in the glass symposia that are held every year in early September. Among our symposium participants are such personalities of glass art as Lhotský, Exnar, Plesl, etc. This year we organized the twelfth year of the symposium. In recent years, our symposium has taken on an international format. We have hosted artists from Norway, Poland and Slovakia. We would like to invite artists from other European countries as well. As part of our efforts, we are working on the Creative Europe project, which will pay for most of the costs of organizing the symposium and the artists’ fees. Please send your work to the email below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Municipal museum in Zelezny Brod
nam. 3. kvetna 37
468 22 Zelezny Brod
Czech Republic


Contact person
Lenka Junova