Karl Straub

Glass maker * 1922 in Unterzwieselau (DE), + 2006 in Frauenau (DE)

Karl Straub came from a family of glassmakers in the Bavarian Forest. His father and four uncles were glassmakers, his grandfather Aschenbrenner.

At the age of 13, Karl Straub joined his father’s glassmaker’s workshop in the Gistl glass factory in Frauenau. From 1941 to 1945 he was in war and captivity. After the end of the war he went to Gifhorn in Lower Saxony (DE) with glassmakers from Frauenau for two years. After a selection process for glass craftsmen in Saarbrücken (DE), he and his wife emigrated to Vianne in the south of France to work in the local glass factory. But in 1950 his parents’ misery forced him back to Frauenau, where he worked again at Gistl until 1970. When he switched to fully automated production, he moved to the Eisch glassworks, where he also worked on freehand work with Erwin Eisch. For a lifetime Straub refined his artistry during the breaks with snuff glasses.