Lhotský s.r.o.

About us

We follow in the tradition of cast glass sculpture in Železný Brod, which dates back to the 1950s. We are proud of the high qulity of local craftsmanship and continue to work in the spirit of the studio’s founders Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová. Under the leadership of their successor and the studio’s current owner, Zdeněk Lhotský, we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with skill and quality craftsmanship. Our products combine traditional artisanal production with creativity and new working methods.
We have a team of experienced glass technologists, form makers, and polishers. We work on unique projects and contribute significantly to expanding the possibilities of glass art and design.
Our main focus is on large-scale glass sculptures, artistic architectural elements, and original works of art by Zdeněk Lhotský.

What we offer

Experience in production specialized in the technology of casting glass sculpture


Lhotský s.r.o.
Pelechov 56
468 22 Železný Brod, Czech Republic

Contact person
Martina Kulhavá