Jiří Harcuba / Pavlína Čambalová

Glass engraver, artist, medalist, designer * 1928 in Harrachov (Harrachsdorf, CZ), +2013 in Prague
Glass engraver, artist * 1986 in Frýdlant (CZ)

Jiří Harcuba combined a cosmopolitan philosophy with a new, expressive glass engraving. Growing up in the bilingual glass-making town of Harrachov and shaped by nationalism, war and repression, he combined a love of glass with that of freedom. He learned the glass engraving trade from his father, in a glassworks apprenticeship, at the Glass School Nový Bor (CZ) and the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, where he worked as a teacher and later rector (1991-94). He worked as a freelance industrial designer, glass engraver and medalist and passionate teacher in Europe and overseas.

Pavlina Čambalová was trained as an engraver at the Turnov (CZ) and Nový Bor technical schools. She worked at Lobmeyr in Vienna before starting her own business in Železný Brod (CZ) in 2016.

Pavlina Čambalová continues the Dominik Biemann School founded by Jiří Harcuba in 2001 in honor of the glass engraver Dominik Biemann (1800–1857) as the Jiří Harcuba School as an international traveling school for free glass engraving.